Backup Your Windows 64-bit Computers with Backup for Workgroups

Are you looking for affordable backup software that is powerful enough to backup your 64-bit Windows Servers? A few of the Windows 7 laptops in your office?  Try Backup for Workgroups! You do not need to pay a special license just because you need to backup a 64-bit computer.

Backup for Workgroups is a client/server backup solution that supports the backup of of your Windows 64-bit computers. When you download the trial software to a Windows 64-bit computer, the Backup for Workgroups setup file will detect the Windows 64-bit Operating System for you and install the software as a Windows 64-bit application.  If the computer is a Windows 32-bit Operating System, then the 32-bit software will be installed for you.

Both components of Backup for Workgroups: the Backup Server software (the server portion) and the Backup Client software (the client portion) support 64-bit Windows. The Backup Client software is installed on each computer that you want to include in the backup process.  The Backup Server software manages the Backup Clients and stores your backup data to a disk-based storage device of your choice.  Because both the client and server components support 64-bit Windows, this means that you can perform backups of 64-bit Windows computers and use a 64-bit Windows computer as your Backup Server.

The Backup Client software that you install on your computers can backup and restore files on Windows 64-bit computers and Windows 32-bit computers.  The Backup Client software detects when it is installed on a 64-bit computer and makes the appropriate adjustments for you - you do not need to do anything special or extra just because you are backing up a Windows 64 bit computer.

  • The Client Software Supports the Backup of 64 bit Windows Computers.
    The Backup Client automatically checks the version of Windows that it is running under and automatically activates the 64-bit support when needed.  You do not need to install a special Backup Client or pay for a special license just because you need to backup a 64-bit Windows computer. Support for 64-bit Windows computers is included in the standard Backup Client software.
  • The Backup Server Runs on a 64-bit Windows computer.
    If you would like, you can use a 64-bit Windows computer to run the Backup Server software.  And yes, you can install both the Backup Client and Backup Server on the same 64-bit Windows computer when you just have one computer to backup.
  • 64-bit Windows Support Included in the Trial Download Software.
    You do not need to download a special version to access the 64-bit support software, it is included in the standard Backup for Workgroups download software.  You do not need to purchase a special license or add-on to enable 64-bit Windows support.

Now that you know that Backup for Workgroups supports 64-bit Windows, we invite you to give it a try and download the 30-day Trial Software today.


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Everyday, thousands of corporations, non-profits, and Government agencies use Backup for Workgroups Backup Software to backup their Windows Servers!  You can too!

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