Get fast, affordable, onsite backup software
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Fast Backup Software for Windows Servers

Are you looking for backup software that is fast? Backup for Workgroups is on-site backup software that backs up your data as fast as 1 GB every 2 minutes! So, a 30 GB Exchange Server Mailbox Store can be backed up in 1 hour. Yes, you read that right! And complete Windows computer restores can be as fast as a couple of hours! And this is on an average, Dell Windows Server. Backups on high-end hardware - like our in-house Intel QuadCore Extreme Edition - can double these speeds! 

Affordable Pricing for Small Businesses that Rely On Windows

Backup for Workgroups is affordable software, starting at just $199 USD per computer to backup. Compare that to competitors who charge in the thousands. Why the price difference? Because you do not pay for the features you do not need, like support for Linux, UNIX, and support for tape devices that you do not own.

Onsite Backup Software gives you Speed and Control

When your Windows server experiences a hard drive failure you will have a significant work stoppage. Can you afford to wait for days or weeks to retrieve your backup data from a cloud based provider? The fastest backup and restores occur when you use hard drives located at your location to backup your computers. 

We have all read reports with statistics claiming that a HUGE percentage of businesses go out-of-business just because they experience data loss.  But did you know that cloud based storage providers have a history of abruptly going out of business? Some Internet backup companies are operating at a loss to undercut their competition. This business model cannot be sustained and some providers will go out of business. If you are their customer, you will lose all of your backup data.

Take control of your backup data and use your own storage drives to hold your data - onsite, local hard drives are fast. Don't trust Internet or Cloud backup vendors, download Backup for Workgroups today and keep control of your valuable computer data.

How to set up Backup for Workgroups and how it works

Choose one of your existing hard drives, USB drives or a NAS unit that you want to use to store your backup data. Then select one of your Windows XP/2003 or higher computers that has full access to your backup storage drive. Download the Backup for Workgroups setup program and follow the wizard to install the Backup Server software. Create accounts for each of your computers that you want to backup. Then install the Backup for Workgroups Backup Client software on each of your computers that you want to backup.

The Backup Client will read the files on the computer that it is installed on.  The backup process compresses and encrypts the backup data and then transmits the encrypted backup data to the Backup Server which in turn stores the backup files on your hard drive, USB or NAS unit.

This process is fast since it uses your network.  If a computer that you are backing up has a problem and needs files restored, the files are restored at the speed of your network which can be minutes or hours instead of at the much slower Internet speed of days or weeks!

Exchange Message Restore Add-On

Backup for Workgroups (BFW) can restore individual email messages from Exchange 2010, 2007 and 2003 message stores without interrupting your production Exchange Server when you are running BFW version 7.0 or higher AND you have licensed the Exchange Message Restore Add-On.

Here's a little overview of how it works.  To restore individual email messages, Backup for Workgroups extracts the email from the backup copies of your Exchange Message Stores.  The Backup Client that backs up your Exchange Server can read the message stores directly and display your email messages.  You select the message(s) you want to restore and the BFW sends those messages to the inbox of the email recipient that you specify.  This process does not interrupt your production Exchange Server and does not stop the normal operation of Exchange during this restore.  Also, your existing Exchange environment is not altered.  In other words, the restore process does not create a restore group or add / remove any existing message stores at your Exchange Server as seen with other backup software.  The entire process uses a backup copy of your message store that is read directly by Backup for Workgroups, so that your Exchange Server is not altered in any way during the restore process.

Backup for Workgroups Grows With You

Since Backup for Workgroups is a client / server solution, it can scale with you as your company grows. You can start out with a single copy of Backup for Workgroups to backup just one Windows Server. Or you can start with backing up a few Windows servers. Then over time as your needs grow, you can add additional licenses to your Backup for Workgroups' Backup Server to allow it to receive backup data from more computers. 

Backup for Workgroups Features

Complete Backup

Open File Support - Backup for Workgroups integrates with Volume Shadow Services (VSS) in order to backup files that are open and locked. Every client license of Backup for Workgroups comes with the Open File Addon built-in.

Exchange Server - The Backup Client can backup the Exchange Mailbox stores while Exchange is running without interrupting the flow of email. Backup for Workgroups supports Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

SQL Server - Backup the SQL database without interrupting the SQL Server.

Active Directory - Make sure you include your Domain Controllers in your backup plan.

Backup One or Several Computers - Backup for Workgroups is a client/server application designed to centrally store your organization's backup data to a common hard drive or set of hard drives. As you add computers, you just need to add more Backup Clients and they will be included in your backup plan.

Backup Entire Computer Once; then just the Changes - Once you have performed a baseline backup of your entire computer (to ensure disaster recoverability) - Backup for Workgroups backs up just the new and changed files, saving time and storage space.

Stores Multiple File Revisions - You define the number of revisions you want to keep. As files change, Backup for Workgroups will backup the new revisions and automatically ages-off the old revisions and deleted files based on your user-defined retention rules.

Supports 32-bit and 64-bit - versions of Windows 2019 / 2016 / 2012 / 2008 / Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / 2003 / XP - Remember that a lot of your corporate data is spread throughout your organization, so be sure to include all of your Windows Servers and workstations in your backup plan.

Security Features - Backup data is encrypted with one of three user-selected encryption methods, with 256-bit AES as the highest level of encryption. Backup for Workgroups can also backup ACL Security Settings on files and folders.

Block Delta Support - When a file changes, Backup for Workgroups can either backup the entire file or use its included Block Delta Engine to determine the portions of a file that change. The Block Delta Engine can reduce the transmission between the Backup Client and the Backup Server by a much as 50 times. This is because the typical Block Delta is about 1% of the original file size as compared to the typical compressed file which is 50% of the original file size. 

De-duplication Support -  Each file that is backed up is checked to see if it is a duplicate copy of any file that has been backed up by this computer or any other computer on your network. Duplicate files are only stored once at the Backup Server to save storage space.


  Restore Options

Disaster Recovery - Complete computer restoration.  If your hard drive fails or you have to replace your computer, you can use the Disaster Recovery restoration option to recover all your backed up files.

Selected Files - Select any file, folder or drive to restore and you can specify revisions by data/time on a per file basis.

Roll Back - Select files and folder to restore to a point in time in the past.

Undelete - If you accidentally delete a file, you can have Backup for Workgroups build a list of deleted files helping you find and restore the deleted files and folders.

NEW - Exchange Message Restore Add-On - Gives you the ability to restore individual Exchange Mailbox Messages without interrupting your Exchange Server. (Requires separate license)

  Saves Money

Lower Your Costs - Backup for Workgroups is only $199 per computer or virtual computer to backup. Compare that to competitors who charge in the thousands.

Centralized Storage - Instead of paying for storage drives for each computer to backup, Backup for Workgroups centralizes the backup data and stores your backup data to shared storage. 

  Keeps You Informed

Email Messages - Backup for Workgroups can send a daily email showing an overview of your backups and the supporting details. This overview is color coded to show all backups that ran and it also warns you of any failed backups or backups that are overdue.

You can also receive email when you are low on disk space or if the storage drives go offline.


Mirror and Offsite Storage - Backup for Workgroups can make a duplicate copy of you backup data to a second storage device.  This device can be periodically rotated offsite to facilitate an offsite storage plan.

  Supported Storage Devices

Disk Based Storage - Backup for Workgroups can store your backup files to any disk based storage device.  You can use internal hard drives, USB drives, NAS units and network shares.  If Windows can see it as a drive letter or a UNC network path it most likely will work as a storage device.

NO TAPES - Backup for Workgroups is designed to put an end to tape based backup. There is no support for tapes or tape units.


Everyday, thousands of corporations, non-profits, and Government agencies use Backup for Workgroups Backup Software to backup their Windows Servers!  You can too!

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