Backup for Workgroups - Version 8.2 Upgrade Information

We encourage you to take a few minutes today and update your existing Backup for Workgroups installation to the new Version 8.2.  Should you need to contact us for support, we can only help you if you are running the new Version 8.2. Please note that you MAY NEED to PAY for the UPGRADE, see below for details.

What is new in BFW version 8.2?

  • Support for Windows Server 2019

BFW Version 8.1:

  • Version 8.1 focuses on speed improvements in Backup for Workgroups. The speed of the backup can be as much as 10 times faster than version 8.0.

BFW Version 8.0 added support for:

  • Windows Server 2016

  • Windows 10

  • UNICODE file names

  • Longer file names - names up to 512 characters

  • Support Port 587 Start TLS email

How do I upgrade?

  • Existing customers who have purchased Backup Client licenses or upgrade licenses at or above Backup for Workgroups version 8.0 can download the update for free.  To see your license keys, run the Backup for Workgroups Backup Server.  Go to Tools -> License.  Look at your list of license keys.  The version number for the license key as at the start of the key after "BFW".  You would need a license key that has a version number of 800 or higher.

  • Existing customers who have not purchased client licenses or upgrade licenses for Backup for Workgroups version 8.x, need to purchase the Version 8.2 upgrade for $149 per backup server.

What is Included in the Version 8.2 upgrade?

Backup for Workgroups 8.2 adds support for Windows Server 2019

And version 8.2 contains all the items listed below contained in Version 8.1.

What is Included in the Version 8.1 upgrade?

The primary change in Backup for Workgroups version 8.1 is speed.  Some of our users have reported that backups that had been taking hours are now taking minutes to complete.

And version 8.1 contains all the items listed below contained in Version 8.0.

What is Included in the Version 8.0 upgrade?

Backup for Workgroups 8.0 adds support for Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10.

Version 8.0 also adds support for UNICODE file names and long file names up to 512 characters.

Version 8.0 also adds support for TLS 1.4 and START TLS (SMTP Port 587) email.  Backup for Workgroups can send reports and email messages to you though an SMTP email server such as Exchange or Internet provided email servers.  If your email server requires SSL/TLS, you can now specify the SSL port 587 (START TLS) or 465 (SMTP-S) instead of the standard port 25 for SMTP.  When you use the SMTP port 587/465, this instructs Backup for Workgroups to use SSL/TLS when sending email to your server.

Version 8.0 also includes all the updates for all past versions of Backup for Workgroups.  For example if you are currently running a version of Backup for Workgroups prior to version 8.0 you would get the features that were added in version 8.0 such as the Block Delta Engine that reduces backup time when backing up over the Internet. So if you have not upgraded in a while, we encourage you to upgrade to BFW version 8.0!

Optional fee based add-on - Exchange Message Restore (EMR)

When you purchase the Exchange Message Restore Add-On license, Backup for Workgroups 8.2 can restore individual email messages from Exchange 2010, 2007 and 2003 message stores without interrupting your production Exchange Server. The key thing to note here is if you would like this feature - you have to do 2 things - (1) upgrade your installation to BFW version 7.0 or higher and (2) purchase the Exchange Message Restore Add-on License.

How does the Exchange Message Restore Add-On restore messages?

Backup for Workgroups 7.0 and higher uses the Exchange Message Restore (EMR) add-on to extract the email from its backup copies of the Exchange Message Stores.  The Backup Client running on the Exchange Server can read the message stores directly and displays your email messages.  With the EMR Add-On, you can select the message you want to restore and the restore process will send the selected messages to the inbox of the email recipient that you specify.  This process does not interrupt your production Exchange Server and does not stop the normal operation of Exchange during this restore.  Also, your existing Exchange environment is not altered, in other words, the restore does not create a restore group nor does it add / remove any existing message stores at your Exchange Server.  The entire process uses a backup copy of your message store that is read directly by Backup for Workgroups, so that your Exchange Server is not altered in any way during the restore process.

The price for the Exchange Message Restore (EMR) Add-On is $149 each. If you have one Exchange Server that you are already backing up with BFW version 7.0 or higher, you need one EMR license. If you have multiple Exchange Servers, you need multiple EMR licenses.

Is there a cost to upgrade to version 8.2?

The price to upgrade your installation of Backup for Workgroups is based on your license keys and the number of Backup Servers you are running.  The upgrade fee is not based on the current version of the software you are running.

If you purchased backup client licenses of Backup for Workgroups or an upgrade license where the license key is a version 8.0 or higher license key, then you can upgrade to version 8.2 at no charge.

The number of upgrades you need is based on the number of Backup Servers you are running.  To make the upgrade simple, we are not basing the upgrade on the number of Backup Clients, but instead basing it on the number of Backup Servers.  If all of your Backup Clients backup to a single Backup Server, then you would need just one (1) upgrade license.  If you have multiple Backup Servers, you need an upgrade license for each Backup Server you are running.

The price for the upgrade is $149 per Backup Server. 

General Backup for Workgroups Update/Upgrade Information

  • No reboot is necessary at any point during the upgrade process.
  • All existing Backup Client configurations, settings and backup data remain unchanged during the upgrade process.
  • Update your Backup Server FIRST. The Update will take approximately 2 minutes to download and update the Backup Server.
  • Once the Backup Server is running Version 8.2, you can let the "Auto Client Update" feature automatically upgrade the backup client computers over the course of the next morning.  Or you can go to any Backup Client and go to "Tools -> Check for Updates" to force that Client to immediately update itself by pulling the update from the Backup Server at your location.

What are the steps to obtain the upgrade ?

Customers that purchased client or upgrade licenses where the license key version is 8.0 or higher

If you already have purchase a backup client license or an upgrade license for version 8.0 or higher, then you can download and upgrade to BFW 8.2 for free.

Please provide the information below so we can update your customer record to reflect that you are upgrading your BFW installation to Version 8.2.

Then download the BFW Setup program.  Go to the computer that is running the Backup for Workgroups Backup Server and run the setup program to upgrade your Backup Server to version 8.2.  Once you update the backup server you are done.




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Customers that have client or upgrade license keys that are for version 7.0 or below

If you have not purchased a license key or an upgrade key for version 8.0 or higher, then you need to purchase an upgrade key to upgrade your Backup for Workgroups installation to the new Version 8.2. While you are at it, consider purchasing the Exchange Message Restore Add-on too!

After placing your upgrade order you will receive an email with and upgrade key and instructions on how to download the 8.2 setup program and how to use the setup program to upgrade your installation and apply your upgrade key. 







Its very easy and fast to upgrade Backup for Workgroups.  The total time to upgrade is under 1 minute and you never need to reboot your computer.  The process to upgrade is simple. 

  1. Go to the computer that is running the BFW backup server.
  2. Download the BFW Setup program.
  3. Run the BFW Setup program.
  4. At the opening screen - press the large button to agree to the license and upgrade BFW.
  5. The setup will upgrade your installation of the BFW Backup Server.

That is it.  The backup clients will self upgrade then next morning after you update the backup server.


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