Support - Why is the License Field Disabled


When you go to Tools > License the license field is disabled and you cannot enter the license key.


When you download the Backup for Workgroups Software or reinstall Backup for Workgroups the ability to enter a license key is disabled.  This is by design.


When you purchase a license for Backup for Workgroups you received your license key in an email message.  That email message has two pieces of information.  It has the license key and it has the instructions on how to activate the license field. 

Go to the email message that has your license key in it.  SCROLL down and read the entire email message. 

The process of activating the license field is only needed to be done once only.  If you ever uninstall and reinstall Backup for Workgroups you will need to repeat the process of activating the license field.


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