Backup for Workgroups Evaluation / Trial Software Questions

You can download and try Backup for Workgroups for 30-days. This is the place to look if you have a general question about the Backup for Workgroups evaluation software.

How many computers can I backup with the trial software?

When Backup for Workgroups is in "trial mode," you can backup 1 to 10 separate computers to a single Backup Server.

What are the limitations of the trial software?

There are very FEW limitations in the Backup for Workgroups trial software that you can download to give a test-run. The copy of BFW that you download from our website is the complete working version. There is only one version of Backup for Workgroups, but there are a FEW limitations in effect when running in "trial-mode."  When you purchase a license key, there is no need to un-install your trial version of Backup for Workgroups and re-install, because the license key will turn off the limitations for you.

The limitations in place during the trial period are as follows:

  • You can only perform backups and restores for up to 30 days from the date of installation.
  • You can only backup 1 to 10 computers to a single Backup Server. 

    Please note that once you purchase a license key and that key is entered into your trial installation of Backup for Workgroups, the license key grants you the license for the number of computers to backup.  In other words, the number of computers that you can backup is based on the number of licenses that you purchase.
  • Encryption is limited to scrambling only.  Please note that 56-bit and 256-bit encryption methods are disabled to comply with US Export Laws.  When you purchase a license and identify the country in which you will use Backup for Workgroups, then the encryption can be activated.
  • Cross-Hardware Restoration is disabled.  You can perform Disaster Recoveries, but you are limited to similar hardware. 
  • Exchange Mailbox Level Restores are disabled.  You must purchase a specific Add-On license designed just for Exchange Mailbox restorations before you can use this feature.

What happens when the BFW 30-day trial period expires?

When the BFW 30-day trial period expires, the ability to perform a backup or restore is disabled.

If you do not enter a license key into the trial software before the 30-day trial period expires, do not panic!  You can still purchase a license after your evaluation has run out.  And again, there will be no need to "un-install, re-install."  We send you information about how to enter the license key at the time of purchase.

When you enter the license key into the trial software, the limitations are lifted and the ability to resume normal backup and restores is continued with your existing data, as-is, so all of your backup history is retained.

Another way of looking at it is when the trial period expires, Backup for Workgroups freezes in time.  It stops operating and resumes operation when you enter a license key.

What if I purchase fewer licenses than the number of computers I was backing up during the trial?

In this case, when you enter your license key, Backup for Workgroups will inform you that the number of Backup Clients exceeds the number of licenses.  You will need to make a choice.  Backup for Workgroups shows you a list of the Backup Clients and you will need to choose which ones you need to delete immediately. 

So, if you are backing up multiple computers during the trial period, make sure you purchase a client-license for each computer that you want to continue backing up.


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