How to remove the Backup Client Icon from the System Tray

Backup for Workgroups consists of two components.  One part is a service that runs at all times, this service performs the backup and restore process and can be considered the worker portion.  The second part is the User Interface or the Admin.  The admin is the portion of Backup for Workgroups that you interact with. 

When you log to your computer, the Backup Client Admin adds an icon to the system tray. If you are running a terminal server this icon will be added to each logged in users desktop. 

If you would like to remove the icon from the system tray then follow these instructions.  This process requires editing the Registry, if you are uncomfortable editing the Registry, then do not perform these steps.

Click on “Start” and go to run and type “Regedit”. At Regedit go to the following Registry Key:

For 32 bit Windows:


For 64 bit Windows:


Under the “run” key is a string value named “Backup for Workgroups” in the right hand panel of Regedit. Right click on this string value and choose to delete.

Once this string is removed then when a Windows user logs in they will not start another copy of the Backup Client Admin and they will not have the icon in the tray. Now to remove all currently running copies, you can stop and restart the Backup Client Service. This will shutdown all backup client UIs in all logged in sessions, removing the icon from everyone’s desktop. To do so:

1. Right Click on My Computer and Select Manage.
2. At the Computer Management windows, expand "Services and Application" and then highlight "Services".
3. The right hand panel will now show all of the installed services. Scroll the panel on the right until you see the service named "Backup for Workgroups".
4. Right click on the service and select Stop, then repeat and select Start.

If you would like the Backup Client Admin to run its icon when you log in you can add the following key to your user account by running Regedit and go to the following key:

For 32 bit Windows:


For 64 bit Windows:


Right click on this key and choose “New -> String Value”. When you create the string value you can give it any name you want, I would suggest something such as “Backup for Workgroups”. Then right click on the new string value you just created and choose “Modify”. At the Edit String dialog, enter the “Value Data” as:

For 32 bit Windows

“"C:\Program Files\Lockstep\BackupForWorkgroups\BackupAdmin.exe" -IconMode”

For 64 bit Windows

“"C:\Program Files\Lockstep\BackupForWorkgroups\BackupAdminX64.exe" -IconMode”



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