How to move the Backup Client software to a different drive

When you install Backup for Workgroups, the setup program will default to installing the backup software to your C: drive.  Backup for Workgroups stores data that is used during the backup in a folder under the folder where the backup software is installed.  If you find that you are running low on disk space on the C: drive and you have another drive on your computer you can move the Backup for Workgroups software and its data to another drive.  To do so follow these steps:

  1. The first step is to remove Backup for Workgroups from the C: drive.  The simplest route is to uninstall Backup for Workgroups.  Since BFW runs as a service, its best to uninstall and reinstall services when they are to run from a different location. 

    Go to Control Panels and choose Add and Remove Program.  Select Backup for Workgroups and choose to Uninstall BFW.  If this computer is running the Backup for Workgroups Backup Server, you will be asked if you want to delete the software only or the software and data.  Choose to only uninstall the backup software - do not delete the backup data at your backup storage drive.  If your computer only has the backup client software, then the uninstall will remove both the software and the cache data that is part of the backup client, which will free this space on the C: drive.
  2. Download and run the BFWSetup program.
  3. When you run the BFWSetup program, the opening screen is the license screen. 

    Click on the text "Installation Path" as highlighted above.
  4. The setup program will prompt you for your installation path. 

    Specify a location on another drive such as "D:\BackupForWorkgroups".
  5. The setup program will now install Backup for Workgroups to the folder you specify above.  Once the software is installed, you will see the Welcome Screen.

    Select the BOTTOM item to indicate your intention is to access your existing backup data.
  6. Now just follow through the setup wizard to setup the Backup Server and Client on this computer or just the Backup Client.  When you are complete, Backup for Workgroups will be running from the new location you have specified.  The next back will continue from the point of the last backup.


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