The Backup Server is reporting that it is in evaluation/trial mode - but I have purchased a license. What do I do?

Background Information:

Backup for Workgroups stores licensing information on the Backup Storage Drive.  If there is a problem accessing the backup storage drive, then Backup for Workgroups will not be able to read the licensing information.  When this occurs, the Backup Server will report that Backup for Workgroups is running in evaluation mode.

How to fix this issue:

The root issue is a problem with the backup storage drive or access to the backup storage drive.  This is not an issue with licensing.  When the configuration cannot be read the license keys cannot be read.  So fixing the issue with the backup storage will allow the Backup for Workgroups Server to read the license information.

Go to the Computer running the Backup for Workgroups Backup Server Software

Open Backup for Workgroups

Go to the Storage Panel

Take a look at the list of storage drive, see if any of the storage locations report an error.  Make a list of the storage drives and perform the following steps to reset Backup for Workgroups and the storage drives:

  1. At the computer running Backup for Workgroups, right click on My Computer and select Manage.
  2. At the Computer Management windows, expand "Services and Application" and then highlight "Services".
  3. Right click on the service named "Backup for Workgroups" and select Stop.

While the Backup for Workgroups service is stopped, reboot the storage drive.  If the backup storage drive is a USB drive, power down and up the USB drive.  If you are using a NAS as the storage, try rebooting or power down and up the NAS units.  Both USB and NAS units can crash.  NAS units usually run an operating system inside the NAS unit and can crash just as any computer can.  Rebooting NAS units is necessary every so often.

After rebooting the storage drive, then restart the Backup for Workgroups service, by repeating the above steps and choose to Start the service.

Now open the Backup for Workgroups admin.

Go to the storage panel and make sure the storage panel shows all storage drives are normal and active. 

Once all the drives are active, check the license information by going to Tools -> License.  See if your license keys are present.  If not try re-entering your license keys.



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