SQL Support

Your Windows Server may be running an SQL Server if you are using database oriented applications, such as accounting software, customer management programs, inventory, sales management, web hosting, etc.

These applications commonly use an SQL-based database engine to store and retrieve their data, and many SQL database engines lock their data while in use.  Backup for Workgroups can backup any SQL database file with the Backup Client's built-in Open File support!

Even if you don't have a "server" at your office, many will use a Windows XP or a Windows 7 machine to host their contact management software, which can be powered by an SQL database.  Although the computer is not technically a "server" operating system, the data being hosted is an important database that needs to be included in the backup.  Again, using the Open File Add-On will automatically include this database in the backup run every day.

Backup for Workgroups will backup all versions of SQL and MySQL databases (including SQL 2000 and SQL 2005).

The Open File Add-On is included in the Backup for Workgroups 30-day trial download.  You are welcome to use during your evaluation if you decide that you would like to backup your SQL Server without interrupting its services.

How Do I Backup my SQL Server?

When it comes to backing up your Microsoft SQL Server, all you need is the Open File Add-On.  To ensure the Backup Client has open file support, go to the Backup Server > Clients panel > select the Client > press the Modify button.  Check the box for "Open File Manager" and press "OK" to save this setting.  That's all!

SQL database files can be located anywhere on the computer - under the C:\Program Files location, on a data drive, etc.  The best way to ensure your SQL database is included in the backup is to use the Backup for Workgroups default "All Local Drives" backup set.  This backup set will include all files found on your computer, including SQL files.

If you would like to only backup certain files, hopefully including your SQL data, you will need to find out where the parent application (i.e. Quickbooks) is storing your database files, and include that folder/location in your backup set.

Benefits of Backing Up Your SQL Server

  • SQL database backup without interruption when using the Open File Add-On
    Backups are performed without stopping the SQL Server service.
  • Revision history
    Choose any date/time to restore the data from.
  • Database level backup
    Entire SQL database included in every backup.
  • Flexible scheduling
    Choose your own convenient backup times.

Just use a Backup for Workgroups Client to backup your SQL Server computer and activate the Open File Add-On to backup the SQL database without stopping the service or interrupting the flow of data.  You can try all of this out in our 30-day download software.


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