Silly Questions

This is by no means a complete list of silly questions, but some are asked frequently.  

Q:  Is someone at Lockstep related to an Emmy award winner?

YES!  Karl's sister Toni just won an Emmy in June 2012 for her work in television promotions at K V V U Fox 5 in Las Vegas!  Yes, she helps create those teasers that you watch on TV - "Fire downtown, film at 10pm..." and the "commercials" that promote Las Vegas attractions and TV shows on the Fox TV network.  She has been nominated once before and she did not attend the award ceremony because she was convinced she would not win.  As soon as we have a photo of her with that infamous trophy - we are going to post that to the website!  Congratulations Toni!

Q:  What is the meaning of life?

Any good techie knows the answer is 42.

Q:  How hot does it get in Phoenix, Arizona?

The hottest on record is 122 degrees on June 26, 1990.  Karl remembers that day because he was on one of the last flights out of Sky Harbor early that morning before they stopped allowing the planes to take off and land because the runways were so hot the tires would melt.  Not good.

Where was Karl going?  Over to XTree - does anyone remember XTree?   Karl was going over to talk to them about licensing Mastersoft's Word For Word document conversion technology.  Karl was the chief architect of Word For Word and a co-founder of Mastersoft.  XTree was one of Mastersoft's customers located in San Luis Obispo, California, so he had to fly into LA and then take a puddle jumper from LA to San Luis Obispo. 

Q:  How did Backup for Workgroups get its name?

The idea behind the name is to see if people know what the product is without defining it so we knew we had to include the word Backup in there.  And, we wanted people to know that they could backup several computers so we put the word Workgroup in there too.  And what's in a Workgroup? - Usually some Servers and some Workstations.  And Backup for Workgroups got its name. 

It's not pretty, but you do know its a backup software program just from its name. 

Q:  Is anyone at Lockstep really related to a famous rock drummer?

Yes.  Vicki and Sally's brother Dan is a famous musician.  He has even played with Alice Cooper, which is a really big deal in Arizona since Alice Cooper lives here.  And he even met Pat Travers on the road a few years ago, which really impressed Sally.  Dan is currently the drummer for Calumet - a fun, rock-roll-funky R&B band here in Phoenix.  Check out the tunes from Calumet!
Dan is also the former drummer for the Phunk Junkeez. They were the band playing in the warehouse scene in movie "Tommy Boy" featuring David Spade (from Phoenix) and the late Chris Farley.

Dan is a gifted graphic artist and web designer during the day.  He can't get away from computers either.

Q:  Can Karl speed up the Internet?

Why is this question here?  Can you believe we had a Backup for Workgroups customer ask us this question? We thought it was pretty funny when this guy asked this and then he was pretty embarrassed when he realized what he said - but it was all in good fun.

If Karl could speed up the Internet, he would share this information with Backup for Workgroups users because he's just that kind of guy. 

We will make sure this stays on the To-Do list!

Q:  Is Vicki really a professional bowler?  What is her average?

A:  Yes.  If you come to Phoenix, she will come give you bowling pointers.  But I will warn you she is a lefty.  And I think her average is a 168. 


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