Comments from Backup for Workgroups Customers

WOW!  If you are wondering what real-life users have to say about Backup for Workgroups, prepare to blush because we know we do when we read the raves and kudos below.  We are so grateful to our Backup for Workgroups customer community for the wonderful feedback that we receive about Backup for Workgroups!

"We have used your product (Backup for Workgroups) since v2.0 and it works great. We are looking forward to Lockstep's continuing support and innovation as we migrate to Windows 2012."
- C.Amata. CPTechnologies Company, Blacklick, OH USA

"Works great, of course!"
"B4WG is a good, solid product."
- E Liles, Clifford-Jacobs Forging Company, Champaign, IL USA

"The servers that Backup for Workgroups works on does a really good job and I am very pleased with the product so far."
- R. LaPorte, Syringa Bank, Boise, ID USA

"The new customer (in Zurich) ... never had a secure and reliable backup solution. After a few minutes (of looking at Backup for Workgroups), the customer said, "Get me this software, now, we need to have it!"
- M. Schaible, Merlin Consulting GmbH, Switzerland

"I have been using (Backup for Workgroups) for over 5 years and it has enabled me to restore users files many times and has made my job easier. The software is easy to set up and use and it does what is advertised."
- A. Abbott, IT and Telecommunications Manager

"BFW did a great job of backing up and restoring my SQL database to a new server. I could not get SQL on the old server to create BAK files due to hardware problems so BFW was the only answer and it worked perfectly. Restored about 73 gigs of data to the new server without a hitch."
- B. Davis, MCSE, Network +, Microsoft Small Business Specialist

"I knew Backup for Workgroups was the best back up software on the market. What I did not know was that the software could completely recover your PC. My home computer crashed the other day. I ran the recovery software that HP provided. After I ran the software very few of my programs would run. I thought I was going to have to re install all of my applications, but I did not have all of the disks for all of the programs. so I was going to lose several applications. I was about to five up when I stumbled upon Backup Backup for Workgroups' Disaster Recover. I ran the program and to my amazement, all of my applications work. I want to thank you for the wonderful software. It saved hours of reinstalling applications and from losing a great number applications for which I did not have the disks."
- D. Gideon, Builders Supply Inc, Tulsa, OK USA

"I have used Backup for Workgroups for almost three years. It has been a lifesaver for our organization. We backup approximately 40 servers and its nice to get that daily report letting us know that the previous day of backups were successful. We have never had an issue with restoring data when necessary and the software is extremely easy to use. Support has been incredible. All questions asked were timely answered and answered in clear, concise detail. BFWG Rocks! I'll never go back to the other guys."
- A. Lantz, City of Rogers, Arkansas USA

"The backups seem to work very well and quite quickly I have been pleased so far - your product is doing everything you say it would and not give me too much grief. I have had a look at other products including Mailstore & Acronis and that product is too big for itself. Your product is simple and it's the simple things that do the best jobs."
- C. Diphoorn, Australia

"Your software (Backup for Workgroups) is great and has proven to be a life saver a few times for me. Thanks again and keep up the great work."
- O. Martin, KTC Technology, Alberta, Canada

"Let me say I believe BFW is the best backup system for mid-size business I have used (and gone through many in my 20+ years of doing this stuff). I have recommended BFW to a few other friends and business owners (including my brother) and I ordered an additional 5 copies for our company yesterday afternoon. Thanks again for the your help."
- D. Gregory, Lon Smith Roofing, Fort Worth, TX USA


Everyday, thousands of corporations, non-profits, and Government agencies use Backup for Workgroups Backup Software to backup their Windows Servers!  You can too!

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