Backup to That Backup

Restore your data to any one of your backups with Backup for Workgroups Windows backup software.

With Backup for Workgroups, you can "backup to that backup," which is a phrase we sometimes hear which contains a slight misstatement.  We find that this phrase usually means that someone wants to restore data to a past backup date, or "go back to that backup" - or "restore to that backup."

How do I Backup to That Backup?

When you backup your Windows computers with Backup for Workgroups, you will be in a position to restore your data with any one of the four (4) preset restoration options.  If you need to restore just a file or two, you can use the Selected Files option.  If you accidentally deleted a file (that was previously backed up), you can use the Undelete option.  Choose the Roll-Back restoration option when you need to restore files, folders, or your whole computer to a previous point in time by backup date.  And lastly, you can use the Disaster Recovery option when you need to restore your entire computer - Operating System, applications and data. 

Get Started Now - Download Backup for Workgroups

Make sure your data is protected so that you are in a position to "backup to that backup" one day in the future!  You can download Backup for Workgroups and get your Windows computers backing up in just a few minutes - all you need to decide is:


Everyday, thousands of corporations, non-profits, and Government agencies use Backup for Workgroups Backup Software to backup their Windows Servers!  You can too!

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