256-bit AES Data Encryption provides Data Security

Backup for Workgroups provides data security by encrypting your backup files. It performs the data encryption process as the files are backed up at the Client side. The Backup Client software encrypts the backup data prior to sending your backup file to your Storage Location. As a result, your data is encrypted and protected during the transmission process from the Client computer to the Backup Server. Because your backup data is encrypted, line sniffers are prevented from seeing your original backup content - protecting both you, your organization and your data. The Backup Server stores the backup data in encrypted form, so if anyone looks at the files on the Storage drive, they cannot see your original data.

Three different levels of encryption support are available to licensed users of Backup for Workgroups. To select the level of encryption that you want to use, open the Backup Server software, and then select Tools > Preferences > Encryption.

256 bit / AES

Take advantage of Backup for Workgroups' built-in support for 256 bit AES encryption, which provides a high level of security to protect your sensitive data.

56 bit / Blowfish

You can also choose to encrypt your data with the 56 bit Blowfish encryption method.


The scrambling form of encryption is designed to store your data in a form that is not readable, to provide you with a certain amount of security while minimizing computation time.



If you are running the trial version of Backup for Workgroups, please note that the 256-bit and 56-bit encryption options are disabled to comply with US export regulations. When you purchase a license for Backup for Workgroups, the 256-bit and 56-bit encryption methods become available for use. Please note encryption features are only available to customers who reside in the US or in US export-friendly countries.


Now that you know that Backup for Workgroups supports 256-bit encryption, we invite you to give it a try and download the 30-day Trial Software today.

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