Storage - Delete Mirror Device

When you choose to remove a storage device from your mirror group, Backup for Workgroups will no longer use the device in the mirroring process. Please note that Backup for Workgroups will not delete the contents of the device, it will just no longer use the device.

When Would I Need to Remove a Mirror Device?

Certain situations may create the need to remove a storage device.  The 3 most common cases are:

  1. You just used the Delete Backup Storage feature to reduce the number of backup group storage devices.  You can take the corresponding action on the mirroring side by removing a mirroring device that corresponded to the backup storage device that was removed.

  2. You have added a large mirror device and you want to remove or retire a small capacity mirroring device. 

  3. You no longer wish to mirror your backup data.  In this case, use the Remove Mirror Storage Device feature to remove all of the devices listed in your Mirror Group.  When the Mirror Group list is empty, the mirroring process is disabled.

How to Remove a Storage Device from your Mirror Group

  1. Go to the computer running the Backup Server software.

  2. Run Backup for Workgroups.

  3. Select the Storage panel.

  4. In the bottom half of the Storage Panel which is called the Mirror Group, select the name of the device you want to remove.

  5. Press the Delete button.

  6. At the confirmation dialog, press the Remove Mirror button.

  7. The mirror location is removed from the Mirror Group list. Please note that the contents of the drive are left intact and unaltered. The backup files on the mirror remain.