Storage - Add Mirror Device

At any time, you can add more storage capacity to your Mirror Group. Please note that all storage devices listed in your Mirror Group must be online and accessible for the mirroring process to occur. You also need to think about the mode you have the Mirror operating in - Is it in Interlocked mode or Ad-hoc mode? To find out which mode your Mirror is in, click on the Options button in the Mirror Group section of the Storage panel.

What Type of Storage Can Be Added to Your Mirror Group

You can use any disk storage device as long as it appears as a hard drive or network share point inside of Windows.  Examples of disk storage devices that you can use include: internal hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives, FireWire drives, NAS devices, SAN devices, RAID storage devices, and any other storage device that appears as a hard drive or network share inside Windows.  Remember that if you are using an Interlocked Mirror, and you have just added another storage device to your backup storage group, you need to add a corresponding device to your mirror group. 

PLEASE READ - Special Note About Network Shares and UNC Format Path Information - PLEASE READ

When you decide to add storage that resides at a network share, you MUST enter the name of the network share in UNC format. Note that if you enter a mapped network drive path by letter, Backup for Workgroups will inform you that it would like to change the information to the UNC equivalent for you. You cannot use a mapped network drive letter because the Backup Server runs as a service and Windows only makes the drive letters available to logged in users, not services.  The UNC format works just fine with Windows services. The UNC format consists of "\\DeviceName\Sharepoint\FolderName."

How to Add Storage to your Mirror Group

  1. Go to the computer running the Backup Server software.

  2. Run Backup for Workgroups.

  3. Select the Storage panel.

  4. In the bottom half of the Storage Panel which is called the Mirror Group, press the Add button.

  5. At the Add Mirror Storage Device dialog, select the path to the additional storage location. If the storage location does not appear in the drop-down list, and it is a local drive, press the Advanced button to type in the path to the drive. If the storage location is a network share, press the Network Share button and enter the path to the network share and the access credentials necessary to access the share.

  6. Press Verify to make sure Backup for Workgroups has full access rights to the new mirror device.