Storage - Equipment

Backup for Workgroups needs disk-based storage media to hold your clients' (computers') backup data. Your storage group can contain different types of storage devices. The storage devices do not need to match in size or type; the only requirement is that they need to be seen as a hard drive or network share point from Windows.

You can use any disk storage device as long as it appears as a hard drive or network share point inside of Windows. Examples of disk storage devices that you can use include: internal hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives, FireWire devices, NAS devices, SAN devices, RAID storage devices, and any other storage device that appears as a hard drive or network share inside Windows.

If you choose to use NAS and/or Network Share based storage, please read the Special Notes section below.

When selecting equipment to use as your primary storage media, you should consider the speed, capacity and availability of the equipment: 

Special Notes about Using NAS and Network Share Storage

  1. Changes to Passwords at NAS and Network Shares Require Identical Change at Backup Server

    The most common problem with NAS units and network shares is a CHANGE in access rights. Typically, an Administrator will periodically change passwords or modify accounts. When these passwords and accounts are changed, you need to make the identical change at both the Backup Server and the NAS/network share.
  2. NAS and Network Shares Slow Down the Backup Process

    When you use a NAS device or network share as part of your backup storage equipment, you need to be aware that your backups will be SLOWER than if you used internal hard drives. 
  3. NAS and Network Shares Can Go Offline - Halting the Backup Process

    Because NAS and network shares are independent devices, they can be rebooted at different times, or shut down/turned off, or unavailable for many reasons. We frequently hear from customers who experience an interruption in the backup process because someone shut down the NAS or network share equipment - not realizing that it is being used to hold their backups. In these cases, we recommend that these customers physically label the NAS unit with a note "Do Not Turn Off/Shut Down - Used as Backup Storage" and listing the name of who to contact if the unit needs service helps prevent unnecessary backup interruptions.