Storage - Replace Storage Device

Use the Replace Storage Location dialog when you would like to replace an old storage device with a new storage device. 

Why would I want to use the Replace button?

What is the Difference Between the Add, Replace and Delete Buttons?

How To Replace Storage Devices

  1. Go to the computer running the Backup Server software.

  2. Run Backup for Workgroups.

  3. Select the Storage panel.

  4. In the upper half of the Storage Panel which is called the Backup Storage Group, select the name of the storage device that you plan to replace.

  5. Press the Replace button.

  6. The storage location you selected is listed as the Old Storage Location.

  7. In the New Storage Location field, select the path to the new storage location that will be using in place of the old storage location. If the storage location does not appear in the drop-down list, and it is a local drive, press the Advanced button to type in the path to the drive. If the storage location is a network share, press the Network Share button and enter the path to the network share and the access credentials necessary to access the share.

  8. Press Verify Access to make sure Backup for Workgroups has full access rights to the new storage device.

  9. Retention - After the files are moved from the old storage location to the new storage location, you can choose to keep the files on the old drive or you can delete them after they have been moved. If you choose to keep a copy of the original files, the files will be moved to the folder called "MovedBackupFiles" under the old storage location you specified above. The purpose of moving the files to this pre-designated folder is so that you can keep a copy of the files outside of the active storage location. If you choose to delete the original files from the old storage location after they are moved, each original file is deleted immediately after it has been moved to the new location. 

  10. Press Begin Replacement. The amount of time needed to complete a replacement depends upon the amount of backup data residing on the drive that you have selected to remove. This could take hours/days; backups will continue normally during this process.

  11. When all of the contents of the old storage device have been transferred to the selected receiving storage device, then the old storage device no longer appears in the backup storage group.