Setup - Find Existing Backup Data Locations

Automatic Location of Pre-Existing Backup Data in Storage Location Box
Backup for Workgroups automatically scans your local hard drives; looking for existing backup data. Please note that Backup for Workgroups is only looking for its own, pre-existing backup data. It cannot read backup data produced by other backup products. If any existing backup data is found, it is displayed in the Storage Location list. If Backup for Workgroups could not find any pre-existing backup data, then press the Add Path button and specify the location that contains your pre-existing backup data.

If Storage Spans Drives, List All Drives
If you were using the drive spanning feature in which your backup data was stored on multiple drives/locations, all of these storage paths must be listed in the Storage Location list. Again, if this list is incomplete, use the Add Path button to include the missing storage locations.

Can Use Mirror Drives if Backup/Primary Storage is Unavailable
If your original backup storage drives are not available and you have been using the mirror feature, you can use the mirror drives in place of the missing primary storage drives. If this is the case, simply substitute your mirror drives in place of your original, primary storage drives.

You may need to use the following in order to find and specify your pre-existing backup data: