Setup - Create Client Account List

Now you are ready to create the list of computers that you plan to include in the backup process. You need to create a Backup Client Account for each computer that you want to backup.

New Client Name

Backup for Workgroups scans your network and builds a list of computer names corresponding to the computers on your network. This list of computer names can be seen in the New Client Name drop down list. You can select the names of computers on your network that you plan to include in the backup process.

New Client Password

As you select individual computer or Client Names, you need to assign a password to each Backup Client Account. Make note of these Backup Client Account names and passwords as you create them, because you will need to enter this information when you install the Backup Client software on these computers.

Note that the Backup for Workgroups account names can be different than your Windows account names and passwords. Backup for Workgroups maintains its own account list and does not use the Windows computer account list. Backup for Workgroups uses its own list because in the event of a disaster, all of your Windows account names may be lost, but the Backup for Workgroups account list will be present at your backup storage drive.