Rotating Your Backup Storage Versus Rotating Your Mirror

When you would like to store your data offsite, you can choose to Mirror your Backup Storage or you can replace your Backup Storage to store the old media off-site.  Review the following pros and cons to decide which works best in your situation.


If you want to frequently rotate media, such as every-day or every-week:


If you want to occasionally rotate media, such as every 3 to 6 months:


Why would I decide to rotate my Mirror?

When you would like to frequently take data off-site, we recommend that you follow the rotating Mirror plan.  Rotating the Mirror allows you to leave your Backup Storage "as is" and simply move a copy of the Backup Storage (the Mirror) to an off-site location for safekeeping. 

Benefits of Rotating the Mirror

Problems with Rotating the Mirror

Why would I decide to rotate my Backup Storage?

Some users choose this option when they think in terms of Archiving.  They decide to rotate the Backup Storage because they are thinking, "We have an Archiving policy to comply with.  I need to take all of our data off-site every quarter.  It is the end of the quarter and now I would like to take everything off-site and start fresh with new media."  Rotating the Backup Storage on this infrequent basis allows you to comply with your Archiving policies. 

If you find that you need to rotate data off-site frequently (daily or weekly), consider using the Mirror for this purpose.  We recommend using the Mirror in a rotation schedule because it is not disruptive to your Backup Clients.

Benefits of Rotating the Backup Storage

Problems with Rotating the Backup Storage