Restoring Active Directory

Backup for Workgroups can restore your Active Directory to a new computer as part of a bare metal restore, or it can assist you with the restoration should you want to roll-back to a previous point in time.

The process of restoring Active Directory is dependent upon whether Active Directory is still running or not.  You do not need to know whether Active Directory is running (or not) to complete a restoration.  Backup for Workgroups leads you through the process that is appropriate for your environment.

Restoring Active Directory When Active Directory is NOT Running

If you are performing a bare metal restore (a restore to new equipment is a good example), you will be restoring Active Directory to a computer that is not running Active Directory.  When you select to perform a Disaster Recovery and you had been backing up Active Directory, it will be restored as part of the disaster recovery process.  If you just need to roll back the Active Directory database files, you can do so from the Backup Client Restore panel.  Chose Selected files, select Active Directory and the date to restore the database file to.  After the restore is complete you will need to reboot your computer in order to return Active Directory to normal operation.

Restoring Active Directory When Active Directory IS Running

Because Windows will not allow for the restoration of Active Directory while it is running, the process of restoring Active Directory requires you to boot the computer into a special boot mode called Domain Controller Restore mode.. 

In the event that the Backup Client automatically detects that Active Directory is still running when you choose to restore Active Directory, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Reboot your computer.  

  2. When Windows is just starting the boot process and shows you a screen stating "Starting Windows," press the F8 key immediately.  You will need to press F8 VERY QUICKLY as Windows starts the boot process.

  3. Select the option labeled Directory Services Restore Mode.  Press Enter to continue the boot process.   Your computer is booted into a special form or state of Safe Mode.

  4. After the computer has booted, run Backup for Workgroups.

  5. Go to the Restore Panel

  6. Press the Selected Files button

  7. Choose Active Directory and the date to restore Active Directory to.

  8. Begin the restore.

  9. After running the Restore Active Directory program, reboot your computer.