Preferences - Account Information Panel

Each Backup Client needs a separate account on the Backup Server to hold its backup data. When you originally installed your Backup Client software, you entered information about the account setup for you at the Backup Server. Use the Account Information tabbed page to review the information that was originally entered. Should your Backup Server administrator change the name or IP address of the computer running the Backup Server software, you will need to enter this new information on the Account Information dialog.

To review/modify your Backup Client Account Information

  1. From the Backup Client software, choose Tools>Preferences>Account Information.

  2. At the Account Information dialog, review the Backup Server computer name and make any changes if you have become aware that your Backup Server computer has changed.

  3. Review your Backup Client account name and password. If this information is incorrect or has been changed, enter the new information here. You may use the Test Login button to make sure you can connect to the Backup Server before leaving this dialog.

  4. Press OK to save your changes.