Restoring Deleted Files from a Backup = Using the Undelete Restoration Option

Use the Undelete option to restore backed up files that you have deleted since a backup occurred. This feature is handy to use when you accidentally delete a file that you know has been recently backed up, and you do not know the filename or location. The Backup Client allows you to specify a timeframe from which to pick from and it provides you with a list of deleted files to choose from. Keep in mind that the file needed to be included in a backup run and you can only restore it to the state of the last backup.

To restore deleted files from a backup

  1. Run the Backup for Workgroups.

  2. On the side bar, press the Restore button to display the Restore panel.  

  3. Press the Undelete button. 

  4. The Restore Undelete File Select Time dialog appears so you may select the appropriate time frame from which you would like to undelete files. Use this dialog to limit how far back in time you want to look to simplify finding the desired files to restore. Click OK to begin the search.

  5. The Backup Client initiates a scan of your local hard drives to determine what files have been deleted in the time frame between now and the time selected. This scan may take a while and the time it takes is dependent upon the number of files on your local hard drives.

  6. When the scanning process is complete, the Restore Undelete Files dialog appears. This panel contains a directory tree listing files that have been deleted since the backup date/time you selected. Navigate through the directory tree and select any files you wish to restore.

  7. Press the Restore Selected Files button. Your Backup Client logs into the Backup Server to retrieve the selected files. When a deleted file is restored, it is restored to the original location in which it resided, which you can see in the directory tree. 

  8. When the restoration process is complete and 100% appears in the title bar, press Close. The Reports panel will appear automatically.

  9. The Reports panel shows you that the last task performed was a restoration called Undelete Files. If you would like to read more details about this particular restoration, press the Details button in the upper right corner. Viewing the details may come in handy if you would like to refresh your memory of the filename and location of where you restored the files.