Using the Manage Backup Sets Wizard

Use the Manage Backup Sets Wizard when you need to create a new backup set or review an existing backup set to make potential changes. 

To run and use the Manage Backup Sets Wizard

  1. Run the Backup Client.
  2. Choose Tools > Manage Backup Sets.
  3. At the Create or Modify Backup Set panel, indicate which action you would like to perform and press Next to continue. 
  4. Name Your Backup Set. Enter a descriptive name for your backup set on the Backup Set Name screen. You should choose a name that describes the data in your backup set. 
  5. Use the Select Files screen to tell the Backup Client what to include in this backup set. 
  6. Use the Backup Sets Schedule screen to take advantage of the built in Scheduler program that automatically runs backups for you. When you create backup sets, use this panel to tell the scheduler to run automated backups at defined time intervals. 

    When the Scheduler program is activated, an icon is placed on your system task bar. The Scheduler is installed to run as a service. The Scheduler must be running to run your backup sets. 

    Please note that you must enter your time data using a 24-hour clock. For example, 12 is Noon or 12:00 pm and 0 is Midnight or 12:00am.
  7. Use the Backup Set Exclude screen to exclude certain types of files or the contents of entire folders from a particular backup set.  Excluding items from the backup process keeps your backup time short and avoids backing up files that do not need to be restored. 

    Exclude the recycle bin, swap and paging files.
    By default, this option is selected.
    Files in the recycle bin are files that you have deleted and you would not need these to successfully restore your computer. Swap and paging files are temporary files created by the Operating System and are also not needed to perform a successful computer restoration.

    Exclude the files and folders selected.
    Use this option to specifically select individual files or folders that you do not want included in the backup set.  This option is handy when you know what you want to exclude and you know where it is located.  When your backup set is broad, this option allows you to exclude specific items from the backup process.  For example, you may wish to exclude a directory that contains temporary files.

    Exclude the files that match the following rules.
    Use this option when you wish to exclude specific files by type using wildcards
    This option is handy when you know what you want to exclude, but you do not know where it is located.  For example, to exclude temporary files, you can enable this option, click on New Rule and enter *.tmp to exclude files that end with the .tmp extension which are located anywhere on your computer.
  8. Use the Special Items panel to instruct the Backup Client to perform special tasks before or after running a scheduled backup session.
  9. Press Finish on the last screen of the Backup Sets Wizard to save your Backup Set and its settings.