Selecting NAS Devices and/or Shared Network Folders to Include in the Backup

Backup for Workgroups can backup files that you have stored on NAS devices and on shared network folders that reside on a single computer/network attached device. You can include the files stored on a NAS device or a single network share by following the steps below. For simplicity, we refer to NAS devices as shared folders because the Backup Client is accessing the NAS through a shared folder.

If you receive an error when verifying access to the network share, please see the Troubleshooting section below.

To include one (1) Shared Folder in your backup

  1. Enter a local or domain Windows account that the Backup Client can use on the computer that the Backup Client is installed on.

    Normally, the Backup Client runs as a Windows service under the System Account. The System Account grants Backup for Workgroups rights to many of the files on the computer to backup, but is denied access to network resources. To solve this problem, the Backup Client can login to a Windows account in order to gain access to shared network folders. You will need to provide the name of a Windows account that is available on the computer running the Backup Client so the Client software can switch from being a System Account to a User Account that has access to network shares. For example, you can use your Windows user account because it is a Windows account that probably has the correct network rights.
  2. Enter the path to the Shared Folder and provide login credentials to access this folder.

    To specify a Shared Network Folder to include in the backup, press the Add button. Now you can specify the name of the Shared Network Folder to backup and provide login credentials to access this folder.

    For the shared network folder, provide the path to the share in UNC format ("\\ComputerName\ShareName\FolderName"). 

    Then provide the user name and password to access the shared folder. You can use the same login information as the Windows account provided in Step #1 above or you can provide a different user name and password.

    After entering the path and login credentials, we recommend that you press the Verify button to make sure Backup for Workgroups can access your Network Share properly. 

NOTE - One Backup Client can backup network shares on one single, separate network device. For example, if you have a file server that has more than one network share, you can include multiple network shares in a backup set as long as all the network shares reside on the same file server. You cannot backup multiple network devices through multiple network shares with just one Backup Client.


If you have received any message other than "Successful access," you need to perform a little troubleshooting before Backup for Workgroups can run a backup including your Shared Network Folders. 

The two (2) most common sources of errors are: 

(1) The Windows Account information is incorrect = Try re-typing the password. If you are using the Administrator account, try using a regular Windows User account instead.

(2) The Network Share login failed = Try re-typing the password. Or, the Account at the Network Share does not exist, or the rights for this Account are incorrect.  The solution is to verify the Account at the Network Share. If the Network Share is on a NAS device, you need to run the NAS Administration utility and double-check the User Accounts. The NAS Administration utility is commonly accessed through a browser which runs a Web application allowing you to administer and manage your User Accounts on the NAS.