Selecting Files to Include in the Backup Set

Once you have named your Backup Set, you are ready to specify what files will be backed up when this Backup Set runs.

To specify files to include in this Backup Set:


Warnings about Backing up files on a network share

How to Backup files on a non-Windows appliance located on a network share

  1. Select the second radio button on this screen, "Backup only the files and folders selected."

  2. Press the Manage Network Shares button.

  3. Read the Network Share Warnings dialog so you are familiar with the limitations of network share backup and press Yes to continue.

  4. At the Select NAS Devices and Shares Network Folders screen, you have 2 tasks to complete.

    1. First, you need to enter the name of a Windows account that Backup for Workgroups can use in order to access the local network. This Windows account is local to the computer hosting Backup for Workgroups (not the network share). This local Windows account needs to have the rights to run as a service, and as a result, you will want to use an Administrator class account. The local Windows account allows the Backup Client to impersonate a local Windows user which is required by Windows to access your network.

    2. Second, you need to provide the name of the network share and the access credentials to login to this network share.

    3. Press the Verify button to make sure that Backup for Workgroups can access your network share properly in order to run the backups.

    4. Press OK.

  5. Now you are back at the Select Files panel. The network share that you defined in step 4 above should now appear in the directory tree list.

  6. Scroll through the list to locate the network share.

  7. You can now expand the network share directory and select files and folders to include in this backup set.

  8. Press Next to continue through the Backup Sets Wizard.