Scheduling Your Backup Sets

The Backup for Workgroups client software comes with a Scheduler program that it keeps running on your computer at all times. The Scheduler is in charge of running your backups for you automatically and it will display a brief message before starting automatic backups to provide you with the ability to cancel or delay a backup if you prefer.

The Scheduler program places an icon on your Windows Taskbar to indicate that it is running. The Scheduler is installed to run as a service. The Scheduler must be running to automatically run your backup sets. 

When you are setting up a new backup set, the default backup time is set to run at 11pm for servers, and Noon for workstations. You are welcome to change the default settings at any time. 

To run a backup set more than one time per day, choose the option to Repeatedly backup every X minutes, where you enter a value for X that represents the time between backups. For example, if you want this backup set to run every 4 hours, enter 240 minutes.

Be aware that backups that are defined to run after midnight, run the morning of the next day. For example, if you want to backup Friday night at 2am, the backup really runs on Saturday morning at 2am. As a result, if you setup your backup time after midnight, you should make sure the backup days include Tuesday through Saturday.