All Local Drives Backup Set

The All Local Drives backup set is designed to backup your entire computer. Even if you create additional backup sets, we suggest that you always have at least one that backs up your entire computer for disaster recovery purposes. This is handled by the default backup set called All Local Drives.

The All Local Drives backup set includes all files and folders located on your computerís local hard drives. This will backup the Windows Registry files and your application and data files.  After invoking your first backup, this backup set will subsequently run at Noon on each weekday, Monday through Friday. If your computer is running a Windows Server Operating System, the All Local Drives default backup set will run at 11:00pm.

We recommend that you do not change the content settings of the All Local Drives backup set. This backup set captures all of your computerís local hard drive data and ensures the ability to perform a complete system restoration. But, you may want to change the time at which this backup set runs. To do so, choose Tools>Manage Backup Sets. Navigate to the Schedule dialog and make time changes to meet your needs. Keep in mind that in order for a backup to run, your computer must be turned on at the time a backup is scheduled. 

Backup for Workgroups is designed to automatically backup your entire computer once and backup just the changes in subsequent backup runs. Keep in mind that your initial or baseline backup will take more time than subsequent backups, because only the changes are backed up on the subsequent runs.

After your first backup, only the files that have changed will be included in subsequent backups, making subsequent backup times much shorter. Also note that Backup for Workgroups uses a non-redundant storage technique to further minimize your time to backup. This storage technique involves the storage of a single file copy, which can be used by more than one Client in order to reduce storage disk space requirements and to reduce backup times.