How to Update Backup for Workgroups

As time goes by, you may find it necessary to update your Backup for Workgroups installation. When updates are available, you will receive an email message from Lockstep Systems indicating that a new version is available. If you choose to update your installation, you will download a new Setup program that is used to update the Backup Server first. Once you have updated the Backup Server, the Backup Server uses a feature called "Auto Client Update" to automatically update your individual Backup Clients so you do not need to visit each computer to apply the updates by hand.


What is the Auto Client Update Feature?

The Auto Client Update feature only updates the Backup Client software when you choose to download and apply a new version of the Backup Server software. Once a day, the Backup Clients check with your Backup Server to see if an update is available. If you apply an update to your Backup Server, then the Backup Clients notice this change and they download their own update from your Backup Server at their next check interval. 


Please note that the Backup Clients do not check for updates from Lockstep Systems' website. The Backup Clients are checking with your Backup Server, allowing you to control when an update is applied.


Lockstep Systems, Inc. reserves the right to make certain updates to Backup for Workgroups available to current, licensed users with no charge OR on a fee schedule as determined by Lockstep Systems, Inc.