How to Rotate your Mirror

Once you have enabled mirroring, Backup for Workgroups synchronizes the Backup Server data with the Mirror. The Backup Server updates the Mirror as the data changes at the Backup Storage. 

To rotate your Mirror

  1. Go to the computer running the Backup Server.

  2. Run Backup for Workgroups.

  3. Go to the Storage panel.

  4. Press the Pause button to stop any communication between the Backup Server and the Mirror.

  5. If your Mirror media resides on a computer that requires powering down before the media is removed, you may now power this computer down. Please note that if your Mirror media is how-swappable, you will not need to turn the computer off first.

  6. Rotate the media as desired.

  7. Power up the Mirror computer.

  8. At the Backup Server, press the Resume button on the Mirror panel to restart the Mirroring synchronization process.