How to Re-Baseline a Backup Client's Account

When you re-baseline your backup data, all the files that you have backed up for this particular computer will be removed from the Backup Server and a new starting point or baseline is created. You may want to re-baseline your account if you have removed a large amount of files from your computer that you no longer want stored in your backup account at the Backup Server. If you re-baseline your account, all of your revision history is wiped clean and any deleted files are no longer be recoverable. When you re-baseline your account, you are starting your backups from scratch.

To re-baseline a Client account

  1. Run the Backup Server and select the Clients panel.

  2. Select the name of the client you wish to re-baseline.

  3. Press the Delete button and confirm that you wish to delete this client.

  4. The Backup Server will start a background task to delete all files that were backed up by this user. The time this process takes to complete is based on the number of files that were in this userís account.

  5. While this background task is running, press the Add button.

  6. Enter the name and password of your client account.

  7. Go to the corresponding Client computer and run the Backup for Workgroups.

  8. Press the Backup Now button.

  9. The Backup Client will backup this computer.