How to Get Started

Backup for Workgroups allows you to backup one or many Windows computers and store all the backup data to disk-based media. When you download Backup for Workgroups and start setting up your in-house backup system, you need to to have access to enough storage to hold your backup data. Make sure you take the time to read our recommendations on the types of disk media to use and why which appear in step 2 below. 

If you have already identified the computer(s) you need to backup and have purchased and installed your storage equipment, you can get Backup for Workgroups backing up your computer in less than 5 minutes!

Backup Checklist

  1. Determine which computer(s) you want to backup.

  2. Purchase or select the storage device you plan to use to hold your backup data. Install and configure this backup storage device and make it accessible to the first computer that you want to backup.

    We recommend that when possible, use internal hard drives or locally attached storage such as a USB drive as your primary storage. Although you can use network attached storage (NAS) or network shares to hold your backup data, these devices will SLOW down the backup process and they introduce additional points of failure that you avoid when you use local hard drives. If you are interested in using inexpensive NAS and network share storage, consider using it as your Backup for Workgroups Mirror.

  3. Download and install Backup for Workgroups on the first computer that you want to backup. This is the computer that has access to the storage device that will hold your backup data. This computer will act as the Backup Server in a multi-computer backup environment.

  4. Install Backup for Workgroups on each additional computer that you want to backup. We refer to these computers as Backup Clients. The Backup Client software backs up the computer and sends the backup data to the computer running the Backup Server so the Backup Server can store the backup data into the appropriate Backup Client account.

  5. Review and configure options within Backup for Workgroups that allow you to:

  6. Before the end of your 30-day trial period, purchase Backup for Workgroups licenses so you can continue backing up your computers after the trial period ends. When you purchase licenses, you will receive an email with instructions letting you know how to enter the license keys into Backup for Workgroups.