How to backup Macintosh data residing on a Windows file server

If you do not store Macintosh files on a Windows file server, this information does not apply to you and you should not enable this feature. The process of checking for Macintosh specific data slows down the backup process.

When Macintosh files are stored on Windows file servers, the Macintosh adds extra file streams to hold Macintosh specific data, such as the type and creator information. The Macintosh data is normally hidden from Windows programs. To access the Macintosh specific data for backup, you need to inform your Backup Client that you would like to backup this extra Macintosh specific information. When you follow the steps below to include the Macintosh data in your backups, this feature is applied to all of your backup sets and all backup sessions that run on your computer.

To include Macintosh specific data in your backups:

  1. Run the Backup Client.
  2. Select Tools>Preferences.
  3. Select the Backup Options panel.
  4. Check the option available in the Alternate File Streams box.  
  5. Press OK.