How to Automate Your Backups with the Scheduler

The Backup for Workgroups Client software comes with a Scheduler program that it keeps running on your computer at all times. The Scheduler is in charge of running your backups for you automatically and it will display a brief message before starting automatic backups to provide you with the ability to cancel or delay a backup if you prefer.

The Scheduler program places an icon on your Windows Taskbar to indicate that it is running. The Scheduler is installed to run as a service. The Scheduler must be running to automatically run your backup sets. 

To schedule automated backups:

  1. Run the Backup Client.

  2. Choose Tools>Manage Backup Sets Wizard.

  3. Indicate whether you would like to create a new backup set or modify an existing backup set.

  4. Enter a new backup set name if appropriate or select the name of the backup set you are modifying.

  5. If you are creating a new backup set, select the files to include in this backup set.

  6. At the Scheduler dialog, choose Yes in response to the question "Do you want to automate this backup set?"

  7. Select one or a combination of the automated options, which include running the backup set at startup time, before shutdown, upon connection to the Internet, or at day and times you specify.  When specifying times, please enter your time data using 24-hour clock notation.  For example, 12 is Noon or 12:00 pm; 23 is 11:00pm; and 0 is Midnight or 12:00 am.

  8. Press Next once you have entered your Scheduler information.

  9. Continue navigating through the Wizard and press Finish to save your settings.