Setup - Backup Server Name

Because Backup for Workgroups is a client-server solution, the Backup Client needs to know the name of the computer that is running the Backup Server software so the two pieces of software can communicate with each other. Backup for Workgroups scans your network to determine if a Backup Server is already installed and running. If the scan finds an existing Backup Server, its name is displayed in the Backup Server computer name field.

We recommend that you test your access to the Backup Server to make sure that the name of the Backup Server is correct and that there are no firewall issues preventing communication between the Backup Client and the Backup Server. If the test does not successfully access the Backup Server, review the error message and use the troubleshooting tips to correct the problem.  Run the server access test again until the test reports that it has gained successful access to the Backup Server.