Preferences - Change Password Panel

Use the Change Password panel to change your Backup Client account password without going to the Backup Server. Please note that when you use this option to change your password, your password will travel over your network wire in a scrambled form.

To change your password

  1. Run the Backup Client.

  2. Select Tools>Preferences.

  3. Navigate to the Change Password tabbed page.

  4. Enter the existing account password for this Client.

  5. Enter a new password and confirm by entering again in the space provided.

  6. Press OK.

To reset your password

  1. Go to the computer running the Backup Server software at your location.

  2. Run Backup for Workgroups.

  3. Go to the Clients Panel.

  4. Select the appropriate client account name.

  5. Press Modify.

  6. Change the password for this client.

  7. Press OK to save your changes.

  8. Go to the client computer.

  9. Run the Backup Client.

  10. Use the new password as entered into the Backup Server.